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RapidSearch stacks are now owned and maintained by Will Woodgate. If you have any pre-sales questions, feedback or technical support requests, you can contact Will via email.

For RapidSearch and RapidSearchPro questions, we still host an FAQ (frequently asked questions) page here that might help answer common questions you have.

Most correspondence gets a response in about 1 day, although things may be slower at weekends and around holiday times. You can also post questions to the RapidWeaver Community Forums where a support volunteer might be able to help you.

For technical support questions, please don't forget to include the link direct to your published webpage and any other important details to help assist us in answering your enquiry.

The contact details presented above are the newest that you should use, and supersede all other contact details you may have previously been given or bookmarked. Older email addresses starting 'support@' are no longer actively used and you won't get a response if you use them. Additionally Nimblehost no longer provide support for any of the addons listed on this website.
As of August 2016, you will need to manually update your RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro stacks one-time-only from your Paddle Locker. This is because the change in ownership means that a new signed security certificate is used to validate stacks and ensure you will receive updates securely. If you want RapidSearch or RapidSearch Pro adding to your Paddle Locker, please get in contact using the email link above and attach proof of purchase. You will then be given a 100% coupon code that can be used to re-buy the stacks again (enter the coupon code during checkout). Please do not checkout without using the code, otherwise you will be charged the full amount again!

Heavily discounted versions of RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro stacks are available for users updating from much older versions or transitioning over from the discontinued RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro plugins. Please get in contact using the email link above and forward a copy of your invoice.

Background history
RapidSearch was developed by Josh Lockhart as a Cocoa / Objective-C plugin for RapidWeaver in about 2007 / 2008. RapidSearch Pro was released a bit later in 2010. Josh Lockhart (of relation to Charlie Lockhart from BlueBall Design) transferred ownership of both plugins to Jonathan Head at Nimblehost in 2013. At that time, Josh went on to become author of the Modern PHP book published by O'Reilly and founder of the Slim Framework for PHP.

Jonathan continued to develop and release major updates to both RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro plugins. Jonathan also repackaged both plugins in stack format, for the Yourhead Stacks plugin.

Will Woodgate took over ownership of the RapidSearch and RapidSearch Pro stacks in August 2016; by which time the plugin versions were discontinued. The stacks still contain the original pedigree codebase that made them so wonderfully popular. Will has deployed a brand new responsive website that reunites both stacks together again and rewritten much of the support documentation. Both stacks will continue to be updated with new features and have a very promising future.
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